Frequently ask questions

 Technical Problems
1. Missing product in my order?

It is possible that an item is missing from your order.
It may be out of stock at our supplier. In this case, check your receipt, it has not been cashed.
In case the product was collected but is not present in your package despite the care taken by our teams in your order, please contact us by email via the contact form / contact us and tell us your name, order number, your phone number so we can contact you.

2. Why should give my email address and my mobile number?

We need this information to be able to quickly contact you in case of problems with your order. If we do not have a valid email address or mobile phone number, we can not guarantee delivery of items ordered.

3. Who has access to my personal data?

All personal information you provide to us in connection with your customer account are treated in the strictest confidence. In other words, your personal data will not be disclosed to anyone outside the company

 My Personal Data
4. What is a cookie?

"Cookies" record certain information that is stored in memory on your hard disk. This information is used.
A generating statistics site audience.
Cookies enable the store to remember your username and password, thus facilitating your identification on your customer account.
A message may ask you if you want to accept cookies, you can of course refuse. It is also possible to configure your browser to accept or decline "cookies" at any time. We confirm that these cookies do not contain any confidential information about you and may allow the site to function properly.

5. I changed address?

You change your address?
Thank you to change your details in the settings under "My Account" and let us know during your next order on

6. I lost my password?

Lost your password? No panic, please reset your account by clicking on "I lost my password"

First mail will be sent to confirm your request. Once your request is confirmed, a new password will be sent by mail.

 My Orders
7. I want two groups of commands?

If your two orders were placed in the same day or the evening overnight 8H, it is quite possible. Simply let us know via the contact form contact us and tell us good order numbers that are grouped and the final delivery address.

Beyond this time limit, for technical and logistical reasons, it is impossible to combine two commands.

8. Can I add an item to my order?

You still have not received your parcel number? Contact us now by email via the contact form contact us and tell us your name, order number, phone number and the reference to the item you want to add.

Attention please note that adding an item in a command (excluding Outlet items) shifts delivery (see "Delivery")

Our services will contact you by telephone to confirm the possibility of adding an item to your order and arrange a new payment method.

9. Where is my invoice?

Your invoice will be found inside your package. Please keep it carefully as you will be asked if exchange procedure, refund or warranty / product (s).

Your invoice is stored by us on request we can send you by mail a duplicate.

 But Guaranteed
10. Will he guarantee my products?

Some products bought on our site benefit from the manufacturer's warranty. This warranty is stated on the record.
Various manufacturers' warranties are generally one year, parts and labor. 
To qualify for product warranty, you are asked to keep the invoice. Attention for some products, it is necessary that you return the warranty card, duly completed, provider directly. Otherwise, the warranty will not be covered.

To provide you with steps to follow on the after-sales service for all problems on a product you can contact us via the contact form contact us stating clearly your name, the date of purchase as well as Article concerned.

11. Implementation of safeguards?

For warranty, statutory or contractual, the return shall follow the procedures of the manufacturer / dealer.
Note, when you purchase a warranty card will be provided (under Articles). It is imperative to send this coupon to the address on it. Without this procedure, no guarantee can be implemented.

12. What are the limitations of warranties?

We draw your special attention to the fact that evidence of a problem caused by neglect, deterioration or misuse would be ineffective manufacturer's warranty.
In this case, the product will be returned to you in the state, or repaired prior to acceptance and payment of a license issued by the manufacturer.
In any event, the warranty and purchase an extended warranty does not deprive the purchaser and / or the consumer of legal guarantees (including guarantees hidden defects or legal guarantee of conformity).

 With Support Services
13. I need to know PHP or MySQL to run a script?

Are not required programming skills or special knowledge.

14. I need to know HTML and / or CSS to use the products?

Only if you want to change the layout and design of your site. You can always order a model / theme / style by our designers or have a designer to change the design of the site especially for you.

15. Will you help me to upgrade in the future?

No, currently we do not have an update service, but you can purchase this service from our team via email by contacting or alternatively from here.

 My Payment
16. My credit card payment is secure?

You can pay the order with your credit card safely (Carte Bleue, Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard, etc.).
Payment is made securely bank server.
This implies that 'no banking information concerning you is transmitted through the website
Your order will be recorded and confirmed after acceptance of the payment by the through SSL (Secure Socket Layer), you can securely transfer credit card number, expiration date, name of the card holder (name indicated as such on your credit card) and the cryptogram on the back of the card. The details of your credit card details are encrypted using SSL and never transmitted in the clear over the network. not have access to these details, and do not keep them on their servers. This is why they are called again for each new transaction on our website.

17. When will my payment cashed?

Whatever the method of payment the payment is debited by the cost of your package you ordered.

18. What will happen if my payment is declined?

If your payment is declined may be exceeded the maximum throughput of the week or a mistake in one of the digits of your credit card.
It 'also possible that the analysis and control of service payments have declined your payment.
We will contact you via email or telephone to inform you. E 'can then send us your credit card number over the phone, send a check or cancel the order.

 Pricing & Licensing
19. Can i create a copy of my site for development purposes?

Yes, as long as it is publicly closed and password protected. Further details can be read've Techbulk terms of service.

20. If i buy a license, many themes or modules i can install on my sites?

You can run only one instance per license. You can run only on a development site protected publicly closed and password in addition to your live site. Further details can be read our legal notice.

21. Can i change the theme or module?

Yes, you can change the theme or module at any time. This can be done easily, however, you take responsibility for malfunctions of your site or loss of data, and note that once you change the product will not be able to use most of the team support site Techbulk.

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